Welcome to Brown's Gymnastics where our goal is not to make Olympians...

                                                                       It is to make HEALTHY, HAPPY, CONFIDENT Kids.

  At Brown's, we specialize in GREAT instruction from a highly trained staff.  We prefer to think of ourselves as

  Teachers...not just Coaches.  It is not enough to just show a child a trick.  We help them to understand it and

  then guide them through the experiences of failure and success.  Not every student is the same.  That's where

  our almost 30 years of experience comes in.  We use time proven methods to get the best results

  possible....while having TONS OF FUN! 

  Just click on the school name below to download that locations registration form.


                     Steve Brown   713-298-3881

                   Westminster UMC

                   The Kinkaid School 

                   Westbury UMC,

                   St. Martins Episc (Open)



                                                                Mark Weathers    832-969-7005

                                                                           River Oaks Baptist

                                                                           Duchesne Academy (register through Duchesne)                                                                                                           Fay School

                                                                           Kolter El 





  • Lovely, Love My Family2:05
  • Just The Way You Are3:40